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The Keto Snack Bento Box

I LOVE to snack. I mean who doesn't like to SNAAAAACK?? During the day, I find myself going to the pantry to find something crunchy and salty that my kids love to snack on. Being on keto it is difficult to bring myself to grab a chip and not feel guilty about it. But who am kidding, right? It's more like......grab the whole bag of chips and sit down on the couch and eat to my heart's content. I've got willpower, at least that is the mantra that is continually playing in my head, when I'm eagerly looking at that delicious bag of chips.

So, something clicked when looking for keto snack ideas on Pinterest and just then an idea popped up. Why don't I meal prep snacks like I do my breakfast and lunch? However, when thinking about all the work involved, ALL the plastic containers I was going to use AND have to wash, not to mention all the other containers used in my meal prep, I completely dismissed the idea . Ugggg....Not me! I don't know about you but washing dishes is not my idea of a good time. Soon enough, the idea fizzled because of the overwhelming feeling of prep, washing, etc. Eventually, I went about my day without making an effort to come up with a solution.

While cleaning up the house, I came across my husband's fishing gear he so carelessly decided to leave in the laundry room from his weekend trip. I became an "unhappy camper" while staring in disgust at the poles, the tackle box, the boots, etc.. As I was mumbling a few curse words under my breathe, I began to pick up his tackle box and bait organizer and a light bulb went off....A HUGE light bulb! Why can't a divider for my keto snacks be used like he uses for his rubber worms and hooks? Genius, right??

Needless to say, a trip to my local Walmart happened hastily. I looked for a similar organizer and found the perfect one that was going to be used for my entire week snack supply. I purchased snacks that would hold up for the week. And BOOM....My first keto bento box was born. It was absolutely perfect! What is so perfect about this box is you can configure the compartments however you like. Not to mention, the compartments are so small that you can’t consume too many of one type of food that will mess with your daily macros.

**TIP: be sure to use a paper towel under the food items that may have liquid that can seep into other compartments. Example: Pickles, veggie pot mix, cucumber, caprese sticks.

keto snacks
Keto bentobox

Products used:

Plano Prolatch Stowaway - The organizer container

Silicon Cupcake/Muffin Liner - The super pliable container to hold the dip. *I highly suggest using some sort of flexible container to hold dips if you decide to have one in your bento box.. These silicon liners have been so beneficial to use in any type of tupperware container too. *

Items in this keto snack bentobox (left to right):

Most items where purchased at my local store(s) and some were ordered through Amazon. If you are a Prime member through Amazon it may be beneficial to take advantage of the convenience.

Stay tuned for my next keto bento box. I've found some smaller containers that will be best when going into the office. As for now, this delicious box of keto diet snacks is awesome for my week-long snack cravings!

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